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Hello All

by: HighMileJon on

Hello everyone,

I have been reading the threads on this forum for a couple weeks now and have learned a lot. This is a great site and decided to join!

I am currently a co-op student working for the Minisity of Transportation (in the Highway Standards Branch dept.) on a work term but also have a strong desire to become an officer after I graduate with my degree.


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by: ftuk on

Hey everyone been lurking for a few weeks, great website with lots of useful info. Will be making a post soon... :)

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by: Reflections on

ftuk wrote:Hey everyone been lurking for a few weeks, great website with lots of useful info. Will be making a post soon... :)

That's a nice user name :D ........... Welcome aboard OR
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by: ignite on

Hey all,

I've been trolling the site for a few months now. Lots of good discussion and advice on here, thought I would take the time to say hello.

I'm from Ottawa, love to ride my motorcycle, and really anything automotive.

I've been keeping an eye on the site because of my ticket situation.. I'll be heading to trial again Friday and hope I can use some of the good info I've read on here.

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by: shudastaydhom on

Hey everyone,

Just joined up the site. I've been checking in on & off the last few months & just wanted to say what a great, & informative site. Looking forward to asking a couple questions & joining in on discussions.

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by: Clarkey on


I just registered....I received a red light ticket for $325 my friend was driving my car as we were heading to the vet for an emergency c-section my dog needed immediately. $1500 vet bill and $325 red light ticket.... :cry:

I went today to plea guilty with explanation but the judge stated he did not want to hear excuses or reasons why we ran the light but could only lower ticket to $265 with a longer period to pay I changed my plea to not I need help!!!!

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by: irv on

admin wrote:Welcome Irv!

Thanks Admin.

I just posted my questions under 3 demerit points, I could not find unsafe lane change so I posted it under failure to yield righ of way.

Sorry if that is the wrong spot but it was the one I thought fit my situation the best?

Looking forward to reading some replies and gathering some info!

(wish I knew this site existed months ago when I first got my ticket :x )

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by: Seoulkid on

Hello Everyone!

I found this site through ticket combat. If you don't know what that site is, i highly recommend it. As for this forum, I am impressed at the vast amount of information here and help that can be provided.

I will be posting sometime soon about an upcoming court appearance, but I wanted to run it by this fourm when I have a chance. Just trying to think of everything, just like Ticket Combat said :)

Thanks and talk to you guys very soon again!


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