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by: admin on

Welcome Squirrely!

But I just want to say that I wouldnt look at it that way. Laws are needed for a society to work. The money aspect is not a cash grab, but mostly required to fund the justice system. The cop going after you to give a ticket etc needs to be paid for! Otherwise ever see the Youtube video about traffic in some other countries? Lawless, no cops to enforce, because no money to hire them!

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by: niros on


I just registered today. I got a speeding ticket and I found this forum very helpful in educating people to fight for their rights.

Previous to this ticket, I never fought a charge, but I decided to do that.

I also post something in general talk, where maybe I could get some answers.

All the best to everybody

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by: cseguin1970 on

Hi all! I'm hoping to get a few answers to some questions....having a hard time getting them elsewhere! Thanks for the site!

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by: julietsierratango on

My name is Matthew and I'm not sure if I am supposed to reply or create a new topic to introduce myself.

I am passionate about fighting speeding tickets, have fought every single one of my own, and it seems like I will be fighting them as long as I live in Canada on a too regular basis. My abstract was almost clean and I just got hit with another speeding ticket at the beginning of December.

I have also started helping my friends fight speeding tickets, but as I am not a registered paralegal, lawyer, or any other type of certified law professional I am not sure if I am allowed to be doing this. I am a social worker by trade and caring about people in Ontario includes helping them fight their speeding tickets in my opinion!

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by: Anne on

Hi everyone,

I'm a new member here on the forum. I'm not very good with computer stuff, I prefer gardening, pencil drawing, reading and archery.... but I have received a speeding ticket and I need some help. :oops: So I signed up and read up on what other people have to say and share my story too. It can be found in the "Exceeding the speed limit by 30 to 49 km/h" category. Thanks.


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by: outofmyelement on

Hi everyone...I am new to this site...just found it trying to figure out best way to deal with 3 tickets my son just got ;( Everyone seems so knowledgeable about the processes....I feel very naive!!! Anyway..trying to find my way around to post some questions...looks like a very interesting venue. Thanks in advance!!!

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by: APR524 on

Hello everyone,

My name is Al and I'm really happy this site exist and we access to it.

I hope somebody will be able to asnwer my questions and clear my confusion.

I got a parking ticket for parking on Richmond Street. I went and requested a court date which is set for September 14th, 2012. My court date notice is saying I violated code 400-33F but I can not find anything with regards to this section in a municipal code. Can someone please help and direct me what am I missing?

Second quetion I have if I want/need to reschedule this court date what are my chances and what do I do?

Thank you kidnly,


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by: BarryO on

Hey folks. nice little forum here. Hope it isn't as stiff as the traffic act. I've learned quite a bit about the traffic isses over the last 20 years of driving and I hope I can turn to this forum for more help on the gray areas and at the same time help others with what I know about the act and the system.



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