What Can I Expect For Charges Of Stunt Driving

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What Can I Expect For Charges Of Stunt Driving

by: sammtl on

Anyone can please share the outcomes of what happened to them after being caught for excessive speed.

1)Did the court drop your charges to a lower one

2)Did they suspend your licence again

3)How much has your insurance rate increased

4)As per the law I can face jail time, I understand this outcome is rarely given to first offenders, however I was way over the speed limit so this is still a concern.

here is my case

I was stopped on the 401 highway by OPP. Got the licence and car suspended automatically for 7 days. Clocked in at 170km/h. Obviously I am guilty and what I did is wrong, but the financial impact is already a huge burden.

-From the moment the officer seized my car in the middle of nowhere I paid 300$ for a taxi to drop me to Toronto.

-800$ towings fees

-200$ Bus/Train tickets (Toronto to montreal, then montreal to Napanee to pick up the car)

-Paralegal 900$

Am expecting at least 2000$ in fines for the court

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by: bend on

It's not uncommon that they offer a deal, but you should probably prepare for the possibility that they wont. Factors like speed and previous driving history will also come into play. Obviously, the closer to 50 over increases your chances. At 170, you're pushing your luck.

The 7 day suspension you received is what they call an administrative suspension. It can't be used for insurance purposes because there was no conviction. However, upon conviction you can be suspended up to 2 years. Again, there are factors involved here for how long your license is suspended IF it's even suspended. If you're worried about your license being suspended for six months, a year, or maybe two, you should probably relax.

Insurance providers call stunt driving a serious offense. If your provider issues a 5% surcharge on a regular speeding ticket, stunt will be 100%. The problem is if you're booted and you have to go find insurance elsewhere, which is a good possibility.

You are not really a candidate for jail time.

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by: highwaystar on

You don't mention what your driving record is like. The offer itself is a fair one in light of the speed. They aren't going to reduce it to a 49over when you were at 70 over. However, if you have a clean record you might be able to get the fine lowered to $3000. If you have a previous record with just a couple minor entries then I would take the deal---you likely won't do better and may end up worse. Now, if you have any prior serious charges like a stunt, careless, etc. then take this deal and run home happy.

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by: CoolRunnings on

You shouldn't be just thinking about the hear and now but be thinking in into the future. My friend was quoted $4500 a month after his was convicted for his stunt driving to insure his Audi. And whatever the Insurance companies decide on you have pay it for at least 6 years, because to them regardless if you have been driving for the last 20 years without incident you are a new high-risk driver to them now, it will take 6 years before they will turn a blind eye to your stunt driving charge.

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