Probably not the right place, but fatal error questin

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Probably not the right place, but fatal error questin

by: Powergrid on
Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:38 pm

Hi All;

Big stupid mistake I made. Tearing up the grass of a business, slid sideways, tipped my truck up on its passenger side.

Anyway, the officer charged me with Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle and Mischief under 5k. I know these are criminal in nature.

However, the officer made three mistakes on the summons/ticket.
1) He had the date/day wrong for the notice to appear. He wrote "Tuesday, October 14". The 14th is a Monday.
2) He had the day/date wrong for court date. He wrote "Monday, December 13". The 13th is a Tuesday.
3) The date of Issue for the infraction was written as "December 5". This happened on November 5, so technically, I'm being charged with something I haven't done yet.

Anyone have experience with these many and types of errors?

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