Entering The Usa With Stunt Driving Conviction

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Entering The Usa With Stunt Driving Conviction

by: Dorito on


I was charged with stunt driving back in September (147 in 90 zone, 57 over) and am still waiting for the outcome as it churns through the system.

I drove to Ogdensburg NY today just for a little day trip. I had no problems crossing the border.

But it got me thinking. If I eventually get convicted of stunt driving, do I risk being denied entry crossing into the USA?

By itself with no other HTA violations and no criminal record, is this charge going to make it harder to enter the USA?

With a conviction like this, I'm wondering if I will eventually need to get a US Entry Waiver.

And when the US border guards ask me if I have a criminal record: Would a stunt driving conviction count as having a record? Would I need to disclose this? Maybe volunteering more info than I need could get my name in their system.

short version of above: If I'm convicted, can I still drive to the USA without hassle?


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