152 Km/h In A 150 Km/h Zone (on The 401) And I'm A Quebec Resident.

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152 Km/h In A 150 Km/h Zone (on The 401) And I'm A Quebec Resident.

by: HelpBobby on

Hi everyone,

Two months ago I got arrested on the 401 for stunt driving (I was driving at 152 km/h). I never got arrested for speeding (but i'm still a novice driver) and I want to know what do I risk for my stunt driving case. I saw that the fees are between 2000$ and 10000$ but I don't have the means to pay them (I'm a university sudent and one session costs about 2000$).

Thank you for your help :wink:

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by: CoolRunnings on

That's up to the court to decide. But you can plea your case with them and let them know your a student, they typically will give you some leniency. Regardless though you will have to pay in pound fees, $100 a day plus taxes, plus your fine. I think the charge will show up on your record, so it will be up your insurance company in QC to decide how much your premium will go up for the next 6 years, but don't be surprised if its much higher than you think.

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