Red Light Camera In Brampton, Airport Rd.

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Red Light Camera In Brampton, Airport Rd.

by: soph512 on


My dad passed away Oct 18th. I was notified on Oct 19th at work and that night after working all day I tried to go to the cemetary on Hwy 27 and Queen to light a candle. Took the route across Queen and at Airport Rd I was following a truck and it was dark (7pm) and was unable to brake in time. Yes, I admit I ran the red light by the 1.03 seconds it says.

I asked for option 3 as I wanted to talk to the prosecutor. My date is in January.

I am concerened because I have 2 at fault accidents and don't need this being reported to the insurance as well. One accdient is aobut to be removed in the spring. Also, not sure if this carries any demerit points or if it will increase my insurance.

Basically, not sure if I should plead for his compassion? I do totally admit that I was rushing to get to the cemetary, definitely ran the red and was behind a truck.

Any advice please on how to approach this so that it is not reported ot the insurance or at least so that it is reduced enough that it will not affect my insruance (if that's possible)?


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by: daggx on

Fortunately red light camera tickets do not show up on your driving record and have no demerit points attached to them. Since there is no entry on your driving record your insurance company will not find out about it. Still it is a $325 fine so it may be worth your while to speak to the prosecutor to see if they are willing to lower that amount.

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