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Charged Twice For Same Offence?

by: Rubbinio on


I had an issue where I run a red light and ended up in an accident. The cop that showed up at the scene of the accident issued me a ticket for failing to obey a traffic sign and told me she gave me this instead of the running a red light because it was the less expensive one. So I went ahead and paid for it.

Two weeks later i get a ticket in the mail for running the red light for 325$. How can i be charged twice for the same offense and what are my options at this point.

Thank you

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by: Zatota on

For the red light camera offence, you would have been charged as the owner of the car, not as the driver. I don't know if that complicates matters. Call the court office and ask. If there's no way to resolve it, request a trial and show the prosecutor the ticket you received and proof you paid it. That may help.

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