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by: Stanton on
Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:54 pm

Reflections wrote:Damn, Lidar guns do make errors
Well, I'd argue it's more lidar gun operators that make errors. :wink:

I wish they'd go into a little more detail about what caused the error. They say in the article the lidar gun needs to track the vehicle for 3 seconds straight, which I've never heard of. The reading the gun obtains is pretty much instantaneous. If a human operator is supposed to hold the device perfectly still for 3 seconds, it's no wonder the reading is so far off.

Maybe the article is just incorrect about specifics, as I notice it keeps mixing up radar and lidar.
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by: hwybear on
Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:25 pm

exactly Stanton...plus how is one using lidar out a window and the cruiser "video" apparently having a radar reading? car would be parked different from direction of lidar....and a MC can increase and dump speed very quickly...none of this article makes sense with what little info is on it..
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