Equipment And Clothing

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Equipment And Clothing

Unread post by racer »

This subforum is dedicated to discussion of:

A: police force appearance

B: Police equiment, related to enforcing of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

This includes, but not limited to:

lasers, radars, lidars, accuracy of them, how they work, etc;

traffic monitoring airplanes, cameras, red-light cameras, known locations of;

road markings & signs, light-up LED displays and information boards;

police uniforms and badges across Ontario;

police GPS units, radios, nav computers;

traffic ticket form, proper filling out of;

and anything else police may use in enforcing the OHTA.

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Ontario Traffic Ticket | Ontario Highway Traffic Act
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Unread post by Proper1 »

I see the OPP is getting rid of the American-style cowboy hats and going back to the uniform cap. Seems to me a good thing, to return to the more professional, "official-looking" headgear, but what do I know? I'd be interested, as always, to hear the Bear's views from his side of the badge.

The OPP's version of the American-style hats always seemed to me to have the wrong proportions anyway. The brim seemed too narrow for the height of the crown. And they appeared to be made from some sort of woven plastic, which contributed to the amateurish presence. But, again, what do I know. Maybe officers in the field just loved the things.

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