The HTA - Highway Traffic Act - Equipment Section
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Regulations, Accessories And Ornaments Section 101

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Regulations, accessories and ornaments

101. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations,

(a) requiring the use of any accessory, or any type or class thereof, on vehicles, regulating the use thereof and prescribing the specifications thereof;

(b) prohibiting the use on vehicles of any accessory or ornament, or any type or class thereof;

(c) prohibiting the sale or offering for sale of any accessory or ornament, or any type or class thereof, that is designed for use on vehicles;

(d) designating an organization to test and mark its approval of any accessory designated by the regulations, and prohibiting the installation, sale or purchase of any designated accessory that is not marked as approved by the testing organization. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 101.


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