I was amazed today

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I was amazed today

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Today at the parking ticket office, (I was there to get my ticket canceled and it was) The person in front
was fighting their ticket.
They asked for disclosure.

The clerk answered back that they don't give it out.?
The person was right next to me ,in fact , the clerk was doing us both at the same time.
The person says they are entitled to it.
Clerk says no and the person leaves.(A bit ticked off though)

My self I am about 499 wins against 1 loss in that court.

But I wonder what weight a clerk can have in regards to whether the person asks
for disclosure the correct way?

Like as to an 11B?

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Clerks say a lot of things.

However, the amount of evidence for a routine parking ticket would probably be the ticket itself and nothing more.
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