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by: askdva on
Wed Dec 09, 2015 5:32 pm

Hi everyone, thanks for this very useful site! I don't know this question has been asked or not (pretty sure it has) but I'm new to this site so I figure I should just ask. I got pulled over today and was given 3 tickets by the officer, I'm pretty stressed now and hope someone can advice me on this issue. The tickets I got were"DRIVE MOTEOR VEHICLE, NO CURRENTLY VALIDATED PERMIT"( HTA7(1)(a)), "DRIVE MOTOR VEHICLE, NO VALIDATION ON PLATE"(HTA 7(1)(c)(i)), and "HTA 3(1)".

For those of you who are familiar with the traffic act, I'm sure you already knew my sticker is expired. My birthday was on Nov.13th, and today is Dec 9th. It's entirely my fault and I have no excuse for that. However, I was aware of this and I did go to the Service Ontario for a sticker renewal THE DAY BEFORE. But I was told my car (2006 made) needs an emission test in order to get the sticker. Today, ON MY WAY to the mechanic, I got pulled over...(I swear I really was on the way to the test, I don't know how I can get the test without driving the vehicle, the logic here really got me confused). Anyways, the police gave me three tickets altogether.

For the insurance part, I have an up-to-date insurance but I must have forgotten to put it back in the car while I was checking my policy number in the Service Ontario. The police said I can bring the slip to the court office and they will withdraw the fine.

For the sticker part, I explained to the officer why I was driving the car without valid sticker, I told him I was on my way to the mechanic. I showed him the Service Ontario Vehicle Licence (Plate) Renewal Application form I filled out yesterday but did not succeed because of the emission test. He talked to me very nicely and calm, but returned with two tickets regarding to this. I don't know why he gave me TWO TICKETS for essentially the same thing. Is there any difference between the 7(1)(a) and 7(1)(c)(i)??? Again, he said in a friendly tone that these two fine can also be withdrawn if I bring the new sticker to the court office within 15 days, and I have two weeks to finish the emission test and get the new sticker, I should just show these tickets if another officer stops me again.

If what he said was true, does he mean these tickets will be cancelled if I'm able to provide the above (insurance slip, new sticker)? Do these three tickets have any impact on my insurance? Any permit point? I really want to keep a clean record, and I already learnt my lesson and was trying to deal with it by starting with the emission test. Should I see a prosecutor or should I take this to trial?

Thank you for viewing this, I will appreciate a lot if someone can offer me any advice on this, anything!
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by: screeech on
Wed Dec 09, 2015 7:00 pm

The good news is, there are no points for any of these tickets.
Ya, the cop double tapped you for basically the same thing. I really can't see the charges being withdrawn at the court house. Once the tickets are filed with the court, they must go through due process. If the cop said they would be withdrawn if you produced them, get yourself down there and try it. (please let us know if that actually worked and what jurisdiction you are in) I could perhaps see two charges getting withdrawn and a conviction on the expired val tag charge. FYI: there are mobile emission testers out there, they will come to you.
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by: Keegan on
Wed Dec 09, 2015 10:42 pm

I'd consider yourself lucky! I had a similar thing happen to me over insurance. I was pulled over going through a yellow light -- the officer eventually agreed it would've been unsafe to stop but, on checking my licence and everything, found I had an outdated insurance slip. I had and have new insurance but forgot to put this new slip in my car. Anyway, like your scenario, the officer issued me a ticket but said they would cancel or withdraw it if I could prove up-to-date insurance within 2 weeks.

I drove to the police station with my new insurance slip within 2 weeks, they inspected it and cancelled the ticket problem-free. I'm sure it will show on police systems but conviction-wise, it's as if it never happened.
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by: ynotp on
Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:53 am

Back in the day you used to be able to remedy non-moving violations at the police station. This still might be the case in small town Ontario. If this is what the officer said I would take him at his word. Odds are though he meant if you go to the courthouse and plead guilty to 1 of the 3 charges and can show you got your plates validated you'll end up with 1 conviction on your record.

All three tickets are considered minor for insurance purposes but being convicted of 3 minor offences will undoubtedly lead to significant insurance consequences.

If your vehicle is not legal to be on the road for any reason then you are expected to tow it.
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