I Have 4 Yellow Tickets And Wondering What I Can Expect !!

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I Have 4 Yellow Tickets And Wondering What I Can Expect !!

by: brockanderson on

I received four tickets from a cop after I got stopped and I just got a summons to go to court for only one of them, yet ! Also I just moved to Ontario, again, and have no idea what I'm facing here.

Here are the charges;

- fail to apply for permit on becoming owner,

- drive motor vehicle- no current valid permit,

- plates not authorized for vehicle, and

- fail to notify change of address.

These tickets are arising from a criminal charge as well. Possession of stolen property. License Plates. I did NOT steal them nor did I even know they were stolen ! they were on the car when I bought it from a young couple in an apparently bad town with lots of crime.

I'm not too worried about that charge. I can pretty much prove I had no idea the plates were stolen but not sure about these tickets. Anyone have any idea as to what I can expect ?

BTW, awesome forum !!!

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by: Decatur on

Your best bet would be letting your lawyer deal with all of these charges because they result from the same incident

Whether you stole the plates or not isn't material at all. The charge you indicated is one that alleges that you were in possession of property that had been stolen (possibly by a third party) Vehicles in Ontario are never sold with plates on them (they are removed and retained by the previous owner of the motor vehicle) and its been this way for quite a long time.

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