Fail To Surrender Insurance Card

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Fail To Surrender Insurance Card

by: drivingtoomuch on
Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:07 pm


I've received a ticket for the above, i purchased a vehicle from a dealership and traded in my previous vehicle. I picked up the new vehicle and forgot to transfer over the insurance to the new vehicle.

The officer told me that he believed i did have insurance and gave me a ticket for Fail to Surrender Insurance Card.

From what i understand in this case, it would appear to the court that i did not have valid insurance for the vehicle i was driving. Is there some sort of 24 grace period in transferring over the insurance from my previous vehicle to the new one i just picked up?

I was pulled over less than 30 minutes after picking up the vehicle and still had all my documents from the purchase.

Any advice would be great! thanks in advance.
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