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Ontario Traffic Ticket Insurance Implications

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Ontario, Canada Traffic Ticket, Insurance Implications.

There are many insurance implications that are attached to receiving a traffic ticket in Ontario Canada. Even if it is your first traffic offense, you may want to speak with your insurance broker before you pay the ticket to see if your insurance will be increased or dropped because of the ticket and demerit points. Paying for the ticket may seem like a short-term solution however you need to think of the long-term ramifications to your automobile insurance.

If you are found guilty of a minor traffic offense such as speeding, passing a school bus or passing another car in a school zone or playground, then your insurance could see an increase of 15 to 25% based on the current industry standards which are subject to change.

If someone is convicted of a more sinister offense such as impaired driving like a DUI/DWI which is considered a criminal case in Ontario, then their insurance could be increased from 35% to 300% in addition the driver should be worried because they could be completely dropped from their insurance company making it difficult for them to find another insurance company willing to insure them. One option to finding other insurance is facility rated insurance which means you are a high risk to insurance companies and your premiums could run over $10,000 for at least five years.

Fully knowing your automobile insurance companys policies on tickets and demerit points when you sign up with them will save you a lot of money and turmoil in the end. Some auto insurance companies will drop an insured person if they receive three tickets in a three-year period. And did you know if a person is convicted of an at-fault car accident while under the influence, the auto insurance company will not pay for any damages or any claims due to damages for the vehicle or persons involved in the accident.

Insurance is only one of the many things to think about before climbing in the car while intoxicated however if you are convicted of a DUI/DWI insurance will be a major concern for the rest of your life.

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