Got Pulled Over Going Oon The Hov Lane

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Got Pulled Over Going Oon The Hov Lane

by: jsuske on

Hey ya'll

I was on the QEW Toronto in Burlington, I was in the lane to the right of HOV lane and this was at 7:50 AM and traffic was jammed, So I decided I was going to get off at the next exit and take Lakeshoure, but the car in the lane to the right of me (some kid) would not let me in, so I took the HOV lane to get to the nearest exit and get off the QEW. I got pulled over, didnt argue with the officer or anything, I just accepted the ticket.

My record is okay, but I know if I get another ticket my insurance rates will go up and I can not afford that.

I was coming from Stoney Creek from my friends house and stayed over night because I was too tired and unable to drive home.

I am so close to having a clean record and my rates are on the verge of going down.

The weather condition were foggy ( I know this does not help, just trying to put in as many details as possible)

I was planning on using X-Copper are they any good?

PS - I kinda had to use the bathroom, not that badly, but bad.

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by: tdottopcop on

They are good, but they consider a reduction in fine/points to be a 'win' so don't expect them to come through with a full on victory 'or you don't pay' type thing.

....any other questions?

No, I am not the chief of Toronto Police.
No, I do not work for Toronto Police...
... it is just a name folks :)
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