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Improper Right

by: shelby on

Here is the deal, I was driving along Bay Street just about to hit Bloor, I mistakingly wasn't paying attention to the sign (but who really looks for illegal right turns anyway??). I made a right onto bloor during the wrong times. There was a sign that said, no right turn 7am-7pm mon-friday.

My friend told me something crazy that all canadian traffic signs MUST be written in both french and english and that I could get off based on this simple rule. Does this have any validity? I do recognize how silly it sounds.

I am going to court, pleading guilty with an explanation, but I guess I don't really have a good explanation (other than the fact that I thought it was a saturday because i had the day off from work so it felt like a weekend - sign only said no turns mon-fri).

Please help, I really don't want points for this.

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by: sarah_9 on


But you will get point for that, after all rules are rules, sorry to say but they seem silly when they come on our self.



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