Passing Streetcar

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Passing Streetcar

by: SoftwareTesting on

Hello experts,

I was driving for the first time in downtown Toronto. I was driving behind a streetcar for couple of KMs. After finding an opportunity I passed it from right 100-200m before a traffic signal which was red. I stopped at signal & Streetcar also stopped on my left. I am not sure if driver opened the door. Signal changed to green & after hesitation for a second (passengers on stop were too close to road), I drove away. Either Streetcar driver or car stopped behind me honked.

1. Is there possibility to get a ticket (in case Streetcar driver complains)? If so, how much?

2. I am based in another province & car was rented. How long it usually takes if they mail ticket to me/rental company?

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by: bend on

The process is a lot easier for school bus drivers rather than street car drivers. In the case of a school bus, you can be charged as the owner and all that is really needed is your plate number and a driver willing to report you. The same can't be said for a street car.

This is one of those things where an officer will almost have to be there to lay a charge.

Otherwise, there's nothing likely to come out of someone reporting you other than maybe a letter notifying you someone reported your driving. At that point, you'd toss it in the garbage.

Nothing is likely to come out of this.

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