The filing date of a ticket

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The filing date of a ticket

by: Observer135 on
Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:44 pm

OK, so as I understand it, the officer has seven days to file the ticket, if it is not done so within that period, the ticket is kind of nulled.

I see this in a couple of places mentioned as "fatal error" and recall from my conversation I had with a city staff over ten or fifteen years ago, I was trying to pay a ticket but it would not come up on their website, when I called I was told the officer had not filed it yet and had seven days to do so, if he did not do it within that time I would not need to worry about it. I remember, I was confused then and could not understand it, but I figured, OK, I'll just wait a couple of days and try again.

So, the question is, "how does one find out when the officer filed the ticket?"

Thank you in advance for your help and advice
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by: jsherk on
Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:36 pm

I usually call the Clerk of the Court on about day 9 or 10. By this time they should have received it.

You can also go to the Clerk of the Courts office and ask to view the original Certificate of Offence.

When going to trial, the other thing I always do is go see the clerk (before everything starts) and ask if I can see the original Certificate of Offence. There is usually a date stamped on it which is the date they received it and I ask them "is the date they received it?".

I did have one Clerk tell me that if they get it after 7 days they are not even allowed to file it, but of course human error could allow one that is filed after 7 days to still end up in the system so it is worth double checking.
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