Help: Forgot A Step While Filing An 11b

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Help: Forgot A Step While Filing An 11b

by: Mage on

I went to file my 11b today but I forgot one step. After serving the court I forgot to serve the affidavits of service in regards to my faxes to the attorney generals. I have them all signed and stamp though...

I just have a few questions:

Can I just serve them tomorrow separately or do I have to do it all over again?

And do I have to line up again for a ticket or can I just serve it?

Also I used a template for the affidavits of service and there's no offense number on them. Should I write them in since I'm serving them separately? Or will they know from my name?

Any help would be much appreciated. It'd be great to know what I should do before heading down there...


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by: iFly55 on

You should go back, and re-submit it; tell them you were there the previous day... they will most likely go and get your 11b application and add your affidavits of service.

It wouldn't hurt to add the offence number and the date/time/location of your trial date. Just make sure that you have your copy stamped 'received'.

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