Strange Incident In Montreal Quebec

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Strange Incident In Montreal Quebec

by: G35Dalf on

I was driving to my home in Ontario from Montreal on highway 132 a few months ago. As I was circling on an entrance ramp, a car came right up on my bumper - only a couple of feet away (it was evening and dark out, so I couldn't identify the car behind me - his lights were blinding me). As I completed circling around and sped up to merge onto the highway, the car continued to tailgate. I finally got up speed (the limit) and kept in the right lane, but the car continued to tailgate without ever attempting to pass on the left (it's a two lane highway).

I got fed up at this point (I HATE tailgaters) so I signalled right and proceeded to slowly exit to the shoulder to get this idiot off my tail. He finally passed me and it turned out to be an unmarked PC (I assume a Surete Quebec). I spotted the blue and reds in my headlights and it was white Crown Vic.

I found this quite disturbing; he never activated his emergency lights so I assume he was not on a call (maybe he was in stealth mode ?).

I never reported it (I didn't get a chance to get his tag) but I am quite confident it's inappropriate for a member to drive illegally (following too closely) in order to possibly goad someone into speeding or to respond to a call.

Any thoughts?

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by: iFly55 on

i actually saw this the other day on the 410 South just getting off the 407 Eastbound at around 1600hrs, unmarked OPP Tahoe tailgating vehicles on the passing lane

like i mean ... driving half the cruiser on the shoulder ... classic case of tailgating, i saw the bulbs on his side-mirrors, long RCA cable + there was OPP printed on the side but it was completely black and other wise unmarked

he was following so close, i thought i was getting pulled over ... so i literally moved over to the right, squeezing between an 18-wheeler + minivan

he then proceeds to tailgate the living hell out of the next vehicle, i think his life would've been so much easier if he had his lights-on

but i sort of pride myself, in identifying unmarked vehicles but other people might even "brake-check"? i only :pray: they get the stunt-tow

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