Grounds for dismissal? Strange tale

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Grounds for dismissal? Strange tale

by: 911luvr on
Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:25 pm

I recently was following a friend through town, and a cruiser came up behind us at a high rate of speed. I had not spotted him if I had I might have slowed down but by the time I saw him I didn't bother, as I wasn't going any faster than "normal" traffic. He drove in my blind spot for 4-5 seconds and later claimed he "clocked" me at 70 in a 50 which I was not doing. He then drove in front of me (nearly hit me actually I had to brake to avoid it) and proceeded to pull my friend over. He pulled in to a gas station right away and I followed the two of them in. At this point there was no way I thought I was getting a ticket I figured he was going to get the "point man" and I was actually just waiting for my friend and we could continue on our way. I parked some distance from the two of them as they were blocking people from coming in the lot.

My gf had to go to the bathroom and I thought I would stretch my legs (remember, we hadn't been "pulled over") so we went to cross the street, and the cop starts yelling at us to get back in the car. Keep in mind I am a gray haired middle age guy, perfectly normal, driving a nice car. So back in the car and sooner or later he gives me the ticket with the usual "I clocked you at 70 but it's your lucky day I only gave you a 10 over ticket" big whoop it's $40 but my insurance company is going to RAPE me on this one.

My buddy was given a ticket for 22 over (not sure if this was a radar reading but must have been, cop was stationary at side of steet as we came by) and also a "driving without a licence" ticket as he forgot his wallet. So my gf had to drive him home. The cop followed them and I followed the cop and we all trucked a few blocks to buddy's house. We took off. Then, after he inspected ID, the officer TOOK BACK the speeding ticket which he had given him.

Is that not strange? Could I justify that mine should be nullified too? They were written for the exact same time, day etc. and location. I even know what the number of the offence notice would be if it's sequential.

The whole thing is a little weird. If I went to court and they asked me if I was speeding I would have to say "I don't know" and I would be found guilty so fighting it would not likely be fruitful but I wonder If I request a meeting with the prosecutor he would find it a bit funny and choose to keep from clogging up the courts with yet another case.

Of course the real criminal is the insurance company but that's another story.

Thanks in advance for your advice!!
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