Stopped at a red light and drowsed

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Stopped at a red light and drowsed

Unread post by ldrider on

This happened to me in Toronto.
5am I pull up to a red light and stop, and kinda drowse..

Next I look up and there is a LEO looking at me and tells me to pull over.

Asks about drugs,alcohol and search my car.

I don't drink or take drugs so I have no issue with their sobriety test etc ..

I receive two tickets :

Sec 144 (9) Proceed contrary to sign at intersection and Sec 144 (12) "fail to proceed as directed".

Sounds to me like these two charges conflict with each other. I have a clean driving record and for some reason the officer(s) felt that I should be charged with something. At no time while stopped was my car over the limit line..

Opnions anyone?

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