Got Stopped While Suspended But Then Let Go

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Got Stopped While Suspended But Then Let Go

by: MecpMan on

Heres a wierd situation that I could use some advice on from anyone who would know. I got stopped in a small town during a ride program, I was then asked for license and Insurance. The officer tells me I am suspended which I already knew but had paid the fines the day before and had my reciet for them. The officer then tells me I can go but I have to produce a license by the end of the week that shows its post dated for the day prior that he pulled me over. My question is if i cant produce one with a date prior to the stop can he still charge me with anything ? He told me that if I didn't he would have me arrested and my vehicle seized.

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by: Stanton on

The officer has up to 6 months from the date of the offence to charge you. If your fines were paid, then you should no longer be under suspension, but you may still be unlicensed unless you also paid a reinstatement fee. If that's the case, the officer could charge you with "Drive Motor Vehicle No Licence". It carries about a $300 fine, but it's not an arrestable offence nor can I see any authority to seize your vehicle. If you still were under suspension, then you're facing a much more serious charge. Driving under suspension is an arrestable offence (but I don't see how he could justify arresting you after the fact) and your vehicle can be seized for 7 days.

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