Speeding In Community Safety Zone

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ticketcombat wrote:I strongly recommend you read this case, print and paste it to your forehead and waive it about inappropriately at family gatherings until you know it inside and out.

:lol: Some interesting reading there. Will definitely wave it about inappropriately.

ticketcombat wrote:As for the FOI, I don't think it's worthwhile. What are you going to do with this information when you get it? Besides, it's going to cost you a lot of money for the photocopies. They have to prove they followed procedures, which means they have to provide evidence in court, not you. And if they don't disclose that evidence to you in advance, it should not be admitted.

I don't know what speed measuring device he was using, plus I thought it would be good to know the manufacturer's instructions for calibration etc. Calibration logs would be useful to establish whether it's been calibrated, but I suppose the prosecution has to prove it in court and send it to me with disclosure as you say.

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