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Speed Traps

Unread post by racer »

We all know that numerous police agencies around Ontario (and world for that matter) set up speed traps in inconspicuous locations to catch motorists who are speeding.

If you know of any speed traps that are in regular use please post them here for all to know and avoid speeding fines.

Format: Town, Location, Direction, known days of operation (if known).

For example: Toronto, Bloor and Younge, heading South on Younge after Bloor, speed trap set up daytime Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, AND heading West on Bloor after Younge, speed traps set up nighttime Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Please post only those speed traps which you have seen at least 3 times to ensure that the suspected speed trap is in regular use.

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Unread post by BelSlySTi »

Christmas came early :lol:

Toronto, random E/B W/B Bloor Viaduc ......LASER

Toronto, daytime E/B end of bridge.......LASER

Toronto, random S/B Off Ramp DVP/BLoor ,Heavily Enforced.....LASER

Toronto, random W/B Eastern ave, end of bridge .............LASER

Toronto, random W/B Eastern, Richmond St exit bottom of hill..LASER

Toronto, random E/B where Eastern/Adelaide merge Top of bridge..LASER

Toronto, random E/B Eastern on ramp DVP...LASER

Toronto, daytime S/B Overlea bridge....LASER

Toronto, daytime W/B Upper Gerrard St after Vic Park....LASER

Toronto, daytime W/B Upper Gerrard/Kingsmount.....LASER

Toronto, daytime S/B Bayview Ave ,after Viaduc.......LASER/POP

Toronto, daytime S/B Bayview, River St exit off ramp...LASER

Toronto, random N/B Bayview, south of Steeles 2 traps in a row!!!...LASER

Toronto, random N/B Bayview, (brickyard)...........LASER

Toronto, random S/B Jones Ave(all)...........LASER/POP

Toronto, random S/B N/B Greenwood(all).......LASER/POP

Toronto, daytime W/B Dundas/Kingston Rd.......LASER

Toronto, daytime W/B Dundas/Jones......LASER

Toronto, random E/B W/B Lawrence DVP both ends of overpass...LASER

Toronto, random W/B Lawrence/The Donway....LASER

Toronto, daytime N/B Don Mills/Bond ......LASER

Toronto, random S/B Don Mills/Overlea bottom of hill.......POP

Toronto, random N/B Don Mills Overlea top of hill.....LASER

Toronto, daytime S/B Don Mills/Eglinton, IBM/Celestica entrance..LASER

Toronto, daytime S/B Woodbine(graveyard) .....LASER

Toronto, daytime W/B King St/River St...LASER and Rolling Stops

Toronto, daytime W/B Eglinton/Leslie, after bridge........LASER

Toronto, daytime E/B Eglinton/Leslie, IBM/Celestica entrance....LASER

Toronto, daytime W/B Eglinton/DVP......LASER

Toronto, daytime N/B Warden/Fir Valley, Hydro sub station.....LASER/POP

Toronto, daytime N/B Warden/St Clair, TTC Bus entrance....LASER

Toronto, daytime N/B Warden/Eglinton....LASER

Toronto, random W/B E/B Front St/Spadina/Bathurst..LASER

just a taste!

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Unread post by hwybear »

I could make a list like that...but how fair is that :lol:

Easier to remember ... 129km to 56km on Hwy 401. Slow down.

Average 4 officers per shift. Variety of radar and lidar used. Marked and unmarked units, motorcycle and the aircraft takes a tour here as well. All radar units here are "dual antenna" (front and rear) so that we can monitor vehicles catching up to the patrol vehicle.

Many officers sit at bridges or on any uturn.

If cruiser is x-ways most often using lidar in both directions.

I prefer to be mobile all the time, prevents the "light" flashers from giving my position away, certain areas of the median are flat enough for me to cross and stop someone going the other direction. I can also observe for moving violations (signals, careless driving, unsafe lane change and follow too close)

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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Unread post by hwybear »


Hwy 401 (63km - 81km marker) EASTBOUND

This week during construction, 2 lanes were closed and traffic was directed onto the paved shoulder......4 cars did not appreciate this slowdown and moved out into the closed portion and accelerated.....only to "drop" into the holes cut out into the pavement. :shock: All received extensive damage to the underside of their vehicles.

Properly posted 80km/hr white regulation signs are in place from construction this week, continuing next week.

Weekend travellers (OCT 10, 11, 12, 13) please slow down as the area is still 80km/hr.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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Unread post by Radar Identified »

Resurrecting an old thread, since a lot of people are travelling for the holidays. Here's a few that I know of. In fact, it's as long as some of lawmen's posts. :shock:


Toronto, S/B Leslie Street at Lawrence Avenue, daytime, laser

Toronto, E/B Lawrence Avenue at Tremont Ct, daytime, laser

Toronto, Avenue Road at Roselawn Avenue, random daytime, laser, usually during school hours when speed limit is 40 km/h

Toronto, S/B Hwy 400 where it changes to Black Creek Drive and speed limit drops to 70 km/h, radar & tow truck :evil:

Toronto, Hwy 400 N/B at Rutherford Road overpass, daytime laser

Toronto, Don Valley Parking Lot S/B near York Mills, radar (TPS Hwy Patrol)

Toronto, Gardiner Expressway W/B near Parliament, day/night, radar/laser on the only part of the Gardiner with a shoulder, where three lanes squeeze down to two, officers also looking for people driving on shoulder in heavy traffic to get a few cars ahead

Toronto, Lakeshore Boulevard E/B at Logan, officer sits on Logan with laser and clocks traffic coming off the Gardiner Expressway :evil:

Toronto, Lakeshore Boulevard E/B between Park Lawn Road and the South Kingsway, laser

Mississauga, Airport Road between Northwest and Orlando Drive, radar

Mississauga, Eglinton Avenue right at the 401 interchange, laser

Mississauga, Hwy 409 entering Pearson Airport in the 60 km/h limit (ARE YOU KIDDING) area, laser, officers sitting near "cellphone waiting" cars

Brampton, Hwy 410 N/B approaching Mayfield Road, laser


Ottawa, Hunt Club Road W/B & E/B at Paul Anka Drive, laser

Ottawa, Hunt Club Road E/B just before Merivale Road, radar

Ottawa, Merivale Road N/B just south of Viewmount, radar

Ottawa, Riverside Drive S/B at Nelligan Lane, daytime weekdays, laser and radar (Exercise extreme caution, officers using this trap will run out barely yards in front of speeding cars to flag them over)

Ottawa, Riverside Drive N/B & S/B between Leopolds and Revelstoke Drive, daytime weekdays, laser and radar

Ottawa, Heron Road E/B west of Riverside Drive after the bridge over the Rideau River, daytime mostly weekdays, radar

Ottawa, Alta Vista Drive at Cunningham, STOP sign enforcement (because everyone on Alta Vista always rolls at this stupid four-way stop)

Ottawa, Main Street S/B at Toronto Street, laser/radar

Ottawa, Walkley Road W/B at McCarthy Road, laser

Ottawa, Hwy 417 at Woodroffe Ave overpass, both directions, laser

Ottawa, Hwy 417 E/B at "the split" (Regional Road 174), laser

Ottawa, Hwy 417 W/B near 417/416/Moodie Drive interchange, radar, officers also looking for people crossing the bullnose/driving on shoulder

Ottawa, Baseline Road E/B at Zena Street, day & dusk, radar

Ottawa, Bronson Avenue N/B near Third Avenue, laser

Ottawa, Bronson Avenue S/B near Fifth Avenue, laser & red-light enforcement

Ottawa, Bronson Avenue N/B, end of the Bronson Bridge across from Carleton University, laser/radar, heavy enforcement with unmarked vehicles

Ottawa, Bronson Avenue S/B at Powell Avenue, red-light enforcement

Ottawa, Nicholas Street at Laurier Avenue, all directions, red-light enforcement

Ottawa, Maitland Avenue S/B near Agincourt Road in front of the school, mostly during school hours, radar

Ottawa, Aviation Parkway N/B near La Cite, radar, RCMP hiding behind trees & signs, 60 km/h limit with most cars going 80-100 km/h

Ottawa, Regional Road 174 at Blair Road overpass, laser/radar

Ottawa, Leitrim Road, both directions between Bank and Hawthorne, radar

Ottawa, Airport Parkway entering the airport just past the taxiway overpass, radar

HWY 416:

Hwy 416, daytime, Hwy 43 overpass, laser

Hwy 416, day & night, both directions, near Glen Smail Road overpass, officer in turnaround bay in forest, laser & radar

Hwy 416, daytime, S/B, under Fallowfield Road overpass, laser

HWY 401:

Prescott area, Hwy 401 near Merwin Line overpass, radar.

Napanee, Hwy 401 just west of the Flying J under the overpass, laser.

Napanee, Hwy 401 W/B near Palace Road, officer hides behind guardrail with gravel ramp onto 401 as you come around the curve and go down the hill, radar.

Trenton, Hwy 401 E/B approaching Glen Miller Road after the two rest stops, after going around the curve and down the hill, laser/radar.

Brighton, Hwy 401 both directions at Hwy 30 overpass, unmarked vehicles on either shoulder, laser/radar.

London area, Hwy 401 W/B, heavy enforcement, Elgin Road overpass, officer on overpass radios to up to 10 cruisers sitting at on-ramp ahead.

Already covered, but... Chatham-Kent area, Hwy 401 near Victoria Road overpass & Orford Road overpass (vicinity of Highgate & Ridgetown), laser/radar, usually one officer monitoring eastbound other monitoring westbound, officers include's very own hwybear. More enforcement on this part of the 401 than anywhere else, more than 50% of the time there will be officers on the road here.


Windsor, EC Row Expressway at Central Avenue overpass, radar

Windsor, EC Row Expressway near Huron Church Line, laser/radar

Windsor, Riverside Drive at Devonshire Road, radar, officers also looking for people using right turning lane to pass slow traffic in through lane or driving in bike lane when traffic backs up at Walker Road

Windsor, Walker Road S/B at GM Transmission plant, radar

Windsor, Division Road both directions in front of Leon's, radar

Windsor, Dougall between Cabana and EC Row, radar

Leamington, Point Pelee Drive, officer hiding at the gates of the cemetery or behind the sign for Freddy's, radar

Kingsville, Highway 3 at Arner Town Line, marked unit with radar

And for those of you going through the United States...


Taylor, I-94, between Southfield Freeway and Middle Belt Road, almost continuous enforcement with laser, marked/unmarked units

Romulus, Merriman Road (which runs into Metro Airport), unmarked/marked Romulus Police & Metro Airport Police, entering the airport and along the road through the airport, laser (LOOK OUT!)

Romulus, I-94 between Middle Belt Road and Wayne Road, unmarked units working in pairs or threes, laser

Romulus, I-94 at Wayne Road overpass, officer sitting on the on-ramp with laser

Farmington Hills, I-696 E/B just east of the I-275 interchange, laser

Allen Park, Southfield Freeway between Van Born and Rotunda Drive, laser/radar, officers on shoulder and the ramps

Livonia, I-275 between 6 and 8 Mile Road, unmarked units, radar/laser

Belleville, Belleville Road both directions near the bridge over Belleville Lake south of I-94, laser

Belleville, I-94 at Belleville Road overpass, Van Buren Police under the overpass with laser/radar


All interstates, everywhere, all the time, radar/laser/pace cars/aircraft/pressure pads/road markings with stopwatch timing, Highway Patrol stop at 2-3 mph over limit and ticket at 4-5 mph over limit, heaviest traffic enforcement of any US state :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


Lawtey, Florida: Over 50% of city budget comes from traffic tickets, police do traffic enforcement and nothing else, don't drive here, avoid if possible, police ticket for driving as little as 2 mph over limit, also stop for driving too slow (5-10 mph under limit), usually issue multiple tickets on same stop :shock: :x :twisted: :o

Waldo, Florida: Same as above

Linden, Ohio: Same as above

Summerhill, West Virginia: Same as above

One other travel tip: If travelling by air, the earlier you show up if there's a major weather situation, the easier it will be to get re-accommodated if anything happens. (Glad I wasn't working these past few days...)

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Unread post by Reflections »

Summerhill, West Virginia: Same as above

I didn't find it that bad. Just the big A$$ signs when you come into town, and I mean BIG, that say they enforce the limit. If you are stupid enough to try it you're dumb enough to get caught. OR
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