Should I Fight An Obstruct Plate Ticket Hta 13(2)?

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Should I Fight An Obstruct Plate Ticket Hta 13(2)?

by: Baconator on

Hello everyone! I was seeking advice for a ticket I got today. I was pulled over and got an obstruct license plate ticket. There was a heavy snow storm and the cop pulled me over and said he couldn’t see my license plate as I have a Plate cover on. What are the chances of me getting this ticket dismissed? I took off the plate covers right away. I am already facing a speeding charge I received 1 month ago and do not want any more tickets to come on my record. Tbh I am very disappointed with myself of not knowing that license covers are illegal and I will definitely never be putting one ever again. I was wondering if any of you kind people would be able to give me some advice. Thank you in advance.

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