Road Rage Cop

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Road Rage Cop

by: Off_Camber on
Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:43 am

I tell you,,some cops need a reality check.
I'm Driving home from work on Saturday east bound Finch in the right lane, just as I cross over Finch east of Yonge theres a set of lights- as I'm approaching, theres a vehicle in the left lane and a vehicle waiting at the set of leghts facing south to exit Finch Subway.
This vehicle decides hes going to stomp the gas, run the red and instead of making his left into the left lane-goes into the right directly into my path. I lay on the horn. Dark metallic blue Crown Victoria- slams on the brakes in front of me, comes to a full complete stop- throws open his door (leaves his door open) and runs back to my car askin if and I quote "got effin somethin to say?)

So now, I decide that this road raging cop whos parked in front of me blocking trffic and ranting and swearing--were going to have a pissing contest.
So- My response
Me: Your a Moron_Cant tell red from green?
Him: The effin' light was YELLOW
Me: Well dick face-the light cant be yellow and green at the same time
Him: Let me have your licence insurance and ownership blaaah blaaah blaah
Me: I aint giving you *EDIT*---and your reason for stopping me?
Him: Cuz Im the Police
Me: Okay there Serpico,,heres my stuff, now go back the batmobile and shove it up your you know what and start flipping through your Carswell Edition.
He Comes back to inform me by the way he has a dashmount camera
Thats nice--um stoopid if its on your front dash---and your in front of me hows it recording you being an imbosil?
Now hes beet red and goes stomping back to the Batmobile...
Things start getting reall ugly when he comes back..He informs me he wants to search my vehicle..
I step out of my vehicle slowly hands in view--close the door and lock them.
NOW,,Im going to tell you how this is going to play out--you are going to go back to your car, and radio for a staff Sargeant or a platoon Supervisor, then--you are going to go get a WARRRANT..
he throws my paper work and as hes stomping to his batmobile I Very politely tell him to be safe
gave me a ticket for "failure to Sign my ownership in Ink" under section 628 (scratched out) replaced by section 8 (1)

I cant wait to dance around a courtroom with this one
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