Payment Made 4 Days Late, But Able To Pay And Shows As Active. Am I Ok?

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Payment Made 4 Days Late, But Able To Pay And Shows As Active. Am I Ok?

by: Sarahcath on

I need some advice! I received a speeding ticket from the OPP for going 114 in a 90 zone on March 4. Today, 19 days later, I realized I hadn’t paid and was shocked to see the 15 day payment period on the back.

Regardless of the late date (it still would have been late on Thursday and Friday), I was able to make the payment online, the status of the ticket shows “Active” (not sure what other statuses there are) and I even paid the $2 to make sure my license is not suspended as I am crossing the border into the US tomorrow (will also be back tomorrow).

Is there still a possibly my license could be suspended, or further payments could be required? I didn’t see any indication anywhere it was in default, but I would appreciate any advice! I am going to keep checking it’s status too to ensure the payment goes through and there are no additional fees. I’m more concerned about the possibility of suspension.

Thank you!

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by: daggx on

If the website accepted your payment then you should be fine. While they can technically get a default judgment against you after 15 days, it usually takes them more like 30-90 days to actually get around to it.

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