Outdated,substandard,inadequate Handle Bar Law.

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Outdated,substandard,inadequate Handle Bar Law.

by: Gerald on

What is the reasoning for a 15 inch law if 83% of the factory motorcycles built and shipped to canada from roughly 1960 to present,sent through canadian saftey standards,dont comply with the law.I agree that if you are riding a bike and you are literally hanging from the handlebars you should be pulled over and fined.B.C and Saskatchewan have amended these substandard laws,so why isnt ontario doing the same.This is an outdated law that if enforced properly would take approximately 50% to 70% of the stock factory bikes off the road including the harley davidsons the officers drive because there handlebars are over the limit.This law states that from the highest part of the seat (rider seated)to where your hands go on the handlebars there can be no more then 15 inchs of difference,this is not possible for most stock bikes excluding crotch rockets,I.E gsxr,zx ninjas,cbr etc.British Columbia & Saskatchewan has amended the law to state that the handle bars can be no higher then the top of the riders shoulders.I have a circulatory problem and after 20 mins of riding I have to take my hands off my handlebars(stock height) and shake the feeling back into them.I was remodling my bike that "I paid for" to look cool and I installed a set of handlebars that were 6 inchs higher then stock,yes the bike looked awsome but when I went for the first ride I found after riding for about 2 hours that I had not taken my hands off the bars to shake the feeling back into them.Im not just talking about this law but alot of bike laws dont add up I agree with most of them, you should have to wear a helmet and you shouldnt be allowed to speed,but this law isnt about saftey because the manufactures test all there bike before they go into production and they figure out that a certain bike performs better and is safer with handlebars that are up higher then the 15 inch law.Honda goldwing,Yamaha royal,Harley Davidson fxst,Suzuki intruder,Kawasaki valcan. just to name a few.I think that B.C and sask,have it right and Ontario needs to catch up.or there needs to be an uprising and all bikers need to come together and storm parliment hill and for once tell them how its going to be. [/b]

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