New Drinking And Driving Law For 2008!

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New Drinking And Driving Law For 2008!

by: admin on

New rules in 2008 will see 12-hour suspensions for near-drunk drivers to be raised - along with insurance rates.

This New Law only pertains to those who blow between 0.05 and 0.08. Anything over that is still the same and still considered a DUI.

"Under a recent but little noticed amendment to Ontario's Highway Traffic Act, the rules will toughen significantly between now and next year's Christmas blitz. Instead of that 12-hour shock, drivers in the "warn" range will soon face an automatic three-day suspension and likely a painful hike in their auto-insurance premiums."

Your first conviction would have been the 12 hour suspension but now will become a 3 day suspension and insurance increase.

The second offense will now become a seven-day suspension and a mandatory education course on the perils of drinking and driving.

The third offense will result in a 30-day suspension, a further education session and the installation of an expensive ignition device that won't allow the car to start until the driver has blown into it.

"The Ontario law will not be unique in Canada. In six other provinces, temporary licence suspensions already show up on a driving record. But the three-day suspension for blowing between .05 and .08 in a first offence appears to break new ground."

Read the full story at: ... l/Ontario/
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