How do I file for a Motion for Dismissal?

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How do I file for a Motion for Dismissal?

by: arzon on
Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:20 am

I requested a freedom of information act from the police for additional disclosure - I explained to the justice that this disclosure is critical for me to provide full defense, justice agreed. The police didn't deliver the request within the time frame they promise, this ultimate resulted me in showing up to trial without the disclosure and being prepared to make a defense. The justice understood and postponed my trial for 10 months.

I received the disclosure from the police finally, but after the 30 days they promise.

I would like to file for a motion of dismissal (correct term?) for a violation of section 11b and - my postponed trial is postponed 10 months.

Is there specific paperwork I need to fill in and what would it need to include? I have all the evidence I would like to submit. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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