History Of Offences

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History Of Offences

by: Zeeman28a on

Is it possible to obtain a complete history of offences on your license?

The MTO will only issue 3 years and 6 years for insurance purposes. I'd like to go back to when I received my first ticket.

The reason I ask is if the MTO will only go so far back, then the police should only be able to go so far back as well, yet they are able to pull up my entire history on their little computers. I don't think that's fair. So I'd like to see what they see.

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by: Bookm on

I'd really like to know this too. I have over twenty tickets but I can't remember many of them from my teenage years. My local license office told me they can't go all the way back. At my last trial, the Crown had my record back 11 years.

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