Do I Have A Case Here? Highway Ticket

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Do I Have A Case Here? Highway Ticket

by: sl222 on

I was going to Toronto from Ottawa 2 weeks ago and I passed an unmarked police cruiser on the highway 401. At that time I was doing roughly 115-120km/h when I noticed him beside me. I did not slam on the brakes but rather let off gas to slow down a little bit, but he slowed down enough to squeeze his cruiser behind me in the left lane.

When I say squeeze, he was literally on my rear bumper so as a precaution I I slightly accelerated to move back in the right lane as I found this rather intruding and dangerous.

He followed me close once again in the right lane and pulled me over for doing 130km/h in a 100km/h zone. I don't mind the ticket really but the speed of 130 was reached just in my movement to get some safe space behind me and moving right.

Question is, is it worth explaining myself in front of a judge in this situation to try and get the ticked lowered to a 120kmh in 100 zone? Or in best case having the charges dropped? I had 3 witnesses in the car with me when it happened.

He told me he got me on the radar way before I saw him but that's false as there was a van doing 115kmh and I followed it for a little while (the van moved behind the cruiser that's why I haven't seen him before.

Also, he didn't show me the radar at all.. I have a feeling he was tailgating me that close to get an approximative speed I was traveling at and he tricked me into it by me moving away.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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