Halloween Theme: Haunted Highways?

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Halloween Theme: Haunted Highways?

by: Radar Identified on

Halloween is just over a week away, so I thought this might be a semi-interesting topic. Ontario has a couple of allegedly "haunted highways," where people have reported strange sights and encounters.

I'd be interested in hearing of any local legends or stories you have about roads that may be haunted.

The only one I know of that is said to be haunted is Texas Road in Amherstburg, which is just south of Windsor. This is apparently the "big place" for teenagers trying to prove their machismo to go and scare themselves, or at least it used to be. People have reported all sorts of phenomena here. The road does look creepy, particularly at night, with a lot of overgrowth. A bridge over a stream got washed out a few years ago, so Texas Road is truncated. In the "haunted" section (where it ran through a conservation area), people have reported seeing a glowing green mist, :? a headless horseman :shock: and they've reported seeing apparitions and hearing moans and other things while driving by the St. Clement's cemetery at the corner of Texas Road and Walker Road. Some others have reported car trouble while driving by the cemetery, which was apparently started as an old pioneer cemetery in the late 1700s or early 1800s. (For the record... I've never had anything happen while going by there.) Safety-wise, people out ghost hunting along that highway can definitely pose a hazard, some of them park on the road in the middle of the night WITH THEIR LIGHTS OFF, then they wonder why Odot showed up and gave them a hard time.

Regardless, it makes for an interesting story. I don't know if there are such things as ghosts, but a lot of people have reported weird stuff along that road. Are there any roads like this in your area?

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by: Squishy on

I was on a country road about six years ago, just on a random drive with an ex. I have no idea what the name of the road was, likely a numbered Concession road. At one part of the road, it "ate up" the light from my headlights. Trees were still illuminated, but the road became pitch black and it felt like I was flying through the night instead of driving. All I saw were a few tree trunks, with the view to the front being completely black as well as all my mirrors.

It was the way the hill in the road was shaped that had it constantly out of reach of my headlights for 50 m or so, but man it was creepy. Foggy night too, and I had just driven past an abandoned barn. I think this was the same night that I went to "relieve" myself, fell down a hill, and tumbled through poison oak. :shock: :x

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