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Guelph's 12 Sites For Car Crashes

by: racer on

Local Guelph Tribune newspaper had the city's "dirty dozen of crash locations". All data is based on the number of crashes there were in 2008. I'll post my own notes too.

Stevenson St. N. @ Speedvale Ave. E. (Don't know that area, but Stevenson is a long, though non-major street)

16 crashes

Gordon St. @ Stone Rd. (this is right beside University of Guelph, close to Stone Rd. Mall, so the traffic is quite heavy most of the time. Gordon is also local Hwy 46, which has a link to the 401. Speed limit on Stone is 60 on that stretch I think, not 100% sure)

16 crashes

Edinburgh Rd. S. @ Wellington St. W. (Wellington more or less follows the Speed River, and at that intersection Edinburgh traffic going North would have just crossed the bridge, also traffic both ways on Edinburgh has that intersection as a bottom of a hill, so the traffic can oftentimes speed up 20-30 over the limit of 50. I think Wellington has a speed limit of 60).

16 crashes

Edinburgh Rd. S. @ Stone Rd. W. (a busy intersection, with 2 plazas on 2 sides (SW and NE), Stone Rd. Mall on the 3-rd (NW), and University of Guelph residences + business research park on SE side. Speed limit 50 on both roads).

15 crashes

Edinburgh Rd. S. @ College Ave. W. (A busy intersection, a gas bar on SW side, an empty field on SE side, close to University of Guelph, Stone Rd. Mall, and residential housing where many students live. Speed limit is 50 on both roads).

14 crashes.

Imperial Rd. N. @ Woodlawn Rd. W. (Woodlawn in local Hwy 7, linking Guelph to KW, so it is pretty busy. Imperial Rd. is an important N-S link on the West side of Hanlon. Speed limit 50 on Imperial, 60 on Woodlawn).

12 crashes

Gordon St. @ Wellington St. W. (a busy intersection, plaza on each corner of the intersection, close to downtown, lots of bus traffic as well. Speed limit is 50 on Gordon, 60 on Wellington. Both roads are 2 lane in each direction).

12 crashes

Silvercreed Pkwy. N. @ Speedvale Ave. W. (Linamar HQ at NE corner, busy plaza on SW, 2 smaller plazas on other corners. This is industrial area, with lots of plants and workersgoing in and out. Both streets have a speed limit of 50).

11 crashes

Edinburgh Rd. N. @ Woodlawn Rd. W. (here, Edinburgh makes a T-intersection with Woodlawn. Speed limits are 60 on both roads. There is a large plaza to the NW, old Imperial Tobacco factory to the NE, large plaza to the SE and industrial (I think) development on SW. Lots of traffic on Woodlawn to/from Hanlon Expressway).

10 crashes

Silvercreek Pkwy. N. @ Woodlawn Rd. W. (lots of traffic to/from Hanlon Expressway on Woodlawn, Silvercreek Pkwy turns into Wellington Hwy 39, but there is not a lot of traffic on Silvercreek. Speed limit is 60 Woodlawn, 50 on Silvercreek).

10 crashes

Silvercreek Pkwy. N. @ Greengate Rd. (Greengate, a minor road, makes a T-Intersection with Silvercreek. There are 2 malls on south side of intersection, so it is pretty busy. Also, there is no light signal. Speed limits are 50 on both roads).

10 crashes

Gordon St. @ College Ave. W. (University of Guelph on SE, SW, and NE corners, small plaza on NW corner, lots of traffic both directions, especially rush hours. Speed limit 50 on both)

10 crashes

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