Got a ticket for doin a Burnout.

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Got a ticket for doin a Burnout.

by: oneballsprite on
Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:12 pm

I got of work late the other night, came to a complete stop and dumped the clutch while i turned in my front wheel drive ford escape. apparently there was an officer of the law hiding in a parking lot near the intersection. he caught up to me about 10km later, and pulled me over shortly after. Gave him licence/insurance, went to his car, came back and claimed my car reeked of pot, i told him the truth that i had no drugs on me just a small glass pipe. He asked if i had any weapons, and i told him i had a bb gun under the seat. he then put me in the back of his cruiser and searched my car. he took the bb gun and let me go back to my car. about 10 min later he came up to my window, gave me a "TURN NOT IN SAFETY" ticket and made me sign that he confiscated my bb gun. I then asked him if he gave me my licence/insurance back and he said yes and proceeded to shine his flashlight in the passenger seat where the documents were. He then saw the pipe in the passenger seat and asked me to give it to him to destroy.

I did NOT sign that he confiscated my pipe, nor did i get a paraphernalia warning or ticket.

The BB gun had a co2 tank in it but there were no bb's loaded in the gun. The officer said because it was under the seat it was considered "A concealed weapon"

All i got was the "TURN NOT IN SAFETY" ticket for spinning my tires around the corner.

I have 1 at fault accident,(fail to pass on right) and 1 speeding ticket (15kph over). Being 20 I Really cant afford another ticket. my insurance is over 400/month as is. Is it worth fighting in court? what about early resolution?

Any info is better than nothing.

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by: highwaystar on
Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:47 pm

I would just pay the ticket. You don't want those facts put on a public record. Think about it, the prosecutor will undoubtedly ask about what was found in the car, including drug paraphernalia and a weapon----and that will become part of permanent record that COULD be used against you in the future---especially you were to ever later say you've never touched drugs or possessed weapons. A litigation party or prosecutor could dig up those court transcripts to use against you in future proceedings.

So, I'd just pay the fine and avoid those 'allegations' forming part of a public record.
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