Disabled Parking Ticket - No Ticket Received, Have Valid Per

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Disabled Parking Ticket - No Ticket Received, Have Valid Per

by: sumguy on


Thanks all in advance for any help :)

My situation is a little strange, and is regarding an alleged Disabled Parking Space Ticket, which was issued to my 70 year old Dad, who ironically actually has a Valid Disabled Parking Permit.

Now here is the problem, today we just received a "NOTICE OF IMPENDING CONVICTION" which states that on Dec 22nd, 2014 my dad parked in a disabled spot and did not display a permit.

This is very strange, and shocking to us, because first of all my dad has no recollection of any ticket ever being placed on his car, and on top of that he says he didn't even go out that day!

And he says that the address which is downtown, he would have no reason to go there anyways! Nor did my dad lend his car out to anyone that day or ever.

My dad is also not forgetful considering his age, he has a good memory, and wouldn't lie to me about this, and even if he did go out, he is very used to parking in handicapped spots and always has his permit readily visible on the dashboard.

I am wondering how something like this could happen, and what can I do to fight this ticket.

We don't even have the ticket, so how could we get a copy of this alleged ticket?

Is it possible to get disclosure for parking tickets?

Also, when I Google the address where he was allegedly parked, in street view it is basically a intersection and an entrance to a mall! There is no exact location, is that valid for a parking ticket?

I know this sounds like a bogus story, someone just trying to get out of a parking ticket, but with all honesty this is very strange, and the fact that my dad actually has a valid permit is even stranger!


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by: ynotp on

I would try getting it cancelled based on the fact that he has a permit even though he is sure the car was never there. The cancellation guidelines don't seem to address this but it's worth a try:

http://www1.toronto.ca/City%20Of%20Toro ... elines.pdf

If that doesn't work head to trial and have him tell his story.

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