First Ticket - 86 in a 60 - Questions

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First Ticket - 86 in a 60 - Questions

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Hello all,

On a sideroad, one-lane in each direction, I was caught doing 86 in a 60 for my first ticket in 10+ years of driving.

- mid-day, good driving conditions
- travelling in pack of 3-4 cars, going about the same speed
- offer driving in opposite direction pulls a u-turn and pulls me over
- 86 in a 60 ticket
- officer showed me his radar, it did say 86

- should I fight this? I think I should...
- I was travelling in a pack of 4 cars going approximately the same speed, why was I the one "picked"?... woudn't his radar have picked up all 4 cars doing 80+?
- because he was driving in the opposite direction and he passed 3 others cars and me in such a short distance, how do I know the 86 was from my car?
- officer only wrote 1 street name (not intersection).... this street has multiple speed changes.... should he have specified nearest intersection?

I appreciate any help!

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