two speeding ticket questions about early reso/challenge

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two speeding ticket questions about early reso/challenge

by: jzoudavy on
Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:37 am

Hi all

On Aug 31st I was caught speeding around the Owen Sounds/Mar area in a community safety zone. Which I honestly hadn't noticed that I was passing through a community at all.

The officer was very nice and reduced my ticket a bit. He also told me that I could call the court and ask for an early resolution to my ticket which would reduce my ticket even more. But when I called the Owen Sounds court they told me that they don't have an early resolution process. So I am a bit confused there. Do only some area have them I guess? Or did I ask for wrong thing? I told them I have a speeding ticket and I would like to do early resolution on it. (seems there should be such an option: ... ses/guide/)

Also, how do you decide if it is worth it to challenge a ticket? I live in Montreal, I was only in the area for vacation. So to challenge it I would have to go all way over to Owen Sounds again, which is a 16 hour round trip drive. And really the only thing I could hope for is get the ticket reduced a bit more. But the gas cost along makes me think it might not be worth it.

thanks in advance for any advice/comments you guys can give.
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by: arnoldstheman on
Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:18 pm

In order to give you proper advice I would need to know:

1) The specific charges (how much you were speeding by)
2) Previous driving convictions will be able to meet with the prosecutor before your trial (if you choose to proceed this way) to discuss an early resolution.

As you stated you are from out of town, however, if your charges are serious in nature, it may be worthwhile to attend court. Like I said, I need to know more specifics...
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