First ticket, 29 km over

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First ticket, 29 km over

Unread post by steffa3692 on

Here's my details;
20 years old (female)
Never had an offence
Going 29 over

I have no option to fight the ticket, as I don't have the funds to do it. With no guarantee that it will be dropped.
My ticket was 138 (including surcharge and taxes)

I'm not going to ask for disclosure or anything like that because funds are an issue. I know I was speeding, it was for a split second but that's over and done with.

In regards for insurance, will it go up like 400 dollars a month or something? (I pay 3000 a year due to the model of car..250 a month)

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Unread post by Stanton on

While legal representation can be expensive, fighting the ticket yourself shouldn’t cost anything unless you need to take time off work to attend Court. At the very least, you can request a first attendance meeting with the Crown. If your ticket hasn’t already been reduced, the Crown will likely offer you a reduced fine/speed in exchange for a guilty plea.

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