G2 driver BAC Above zero

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G2 driver BAC Above zero

by: abacus on
Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:06 am

Ok so here's my little problem... 2 days ago after I finishing work at my restaurant.. A friend of mine was partying at my work with her girl friends and the girl that was supposed to drive her home was very very drunk and was insisting she was fine... So of course I didn't want my friend to get in the car with her.. So my friend ended up coming with me so I could drive her home... As back story I myself had a single 9 Oz glass of wine after work BEFORE I realized I had to drive my friend home but I honestly thought nothing of it.. I felt no sense of being anything other then stone sober (also I live 30 second walk from my work so I had no intention of driving after my wine I the first place ) but none the less I was the better option to drive my friend home then her belligerent lead footed friend.. A risk I ended up paying for.. On my way driving her home I was stopped by ride and breathalyzed and I blew and "ALERT"... I was not told the percentage level of my BAC only that I was over zero which is understandable considering my glass of wine.. My license was suspended for 7 days but my car was not towed and I was let go with the officer allowing me to get a sober friend to drive my car back to my house which I instead left in the parking lot until the morning... The set fine is 80.00 w/ total @ 110.00 I intend to pay it but the cop mentioned something about getting it reduced to "Contravention of conditions" I'm not exactly sure what that is... and why it's better to fight the ticket rather then pay the fine.. It's my understanding that this is not a criminal charge nor does it come with points... Even though the lesson is learned, what should I expect from just paying the fine. And reinstating my license? It would really mess me up if this went on my insurance just b4 I had to apply for it thanks all
Could someone please tell me my options and what exactly are the penalties of my ticket?
As well as if this will affect the insurance on a car I'm going to need in a month...
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by: Stanton on
Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:46 pm

The conviction will show on your drivers abstract and likely increase your insurance rates as a novice driver. Furthermore, if youre convicted, your licence will be suspended for an additional 30 days. You may want to review your options before pleading guilty.

Its somewhat problematic that you claim to have only had one glass of wine and yet you blew an alert. To register an alert, your blood alcohol content would have to be between 0.05% to 0.099% (possibly over the legal limit of 0.080%). One drink should put you nowhere near that level.

Also, why were you issued a 7 day suspension? Is this your second time registering an alert while driving?
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