Drive - Handheld Communication Device - Chances Not To Get 3 Demerit Points?

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Drive - Handheld Communication Device - Chances Not To Get 3 Demerit Points?

by: ZanaZi on


I was stopped today while at the red signal and holding my cell phone in my left hand while talking to a friend. My Blue tooth was working.

I talked to the same friend with the engine off as she called me while I was just sitting in my car not driving. When I turned the key on, I was still holding the cell phone even-though the Blue tooth was automatically turned on. I just could not place the cell on my sit as I was holding it in my left hand.

Is there any chance that I lower the 3 demerit points, the fee of $490 and the 30 days license suspension as the police officer told me?

I was not using my cell phone, except that I was holding it and talking via Bluetooth.

Thank you for your advise!

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by: bend on

By the sound of it, you're a G2 driver. The problem here is that you're on driving probation.

Within the last year or two, they've made no handheld devices practically a condition on your novice license, hence the 30 day suspension.

There is no equivalent charge that would be lower than a handheld device charge. It is not likely that they'll offer you something lower, although it doesn't hurt to try.

They cannot lower the points, they can only lower the charge. They have nothing to do with points. The points are added automatically once they are sent to the ministry.

Same goes for the 30 day suspension.

Whether you were using or not using the phone is irrelevant, they just have to prove you were holding it.

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