7 Day Suspension - Mandatory alcohol education program

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7 Day Suspension - Mandatory alcohol education program

by: Coupon on
Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:49 pm

Sorry if this is posted somewhere already..I did a search and couldn't find much info about this topic

A few days ago I got my license suspend for BAC between 0.05 and 0.08, this is my 2nd time and I received a 7 day suspension.

My question is about the education program, am I required to take this program before I get my license reinstated or after?

Also is there anywhere I can find info about the class (like is it online or in-class or how long?)

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by: ricknu on
Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:25 am

The Information may be found on the Ministry website: I have included it below for you:

Alcohol Education and Treatment Programs: Back On Track

Drinking drivers are required to take more responsibility for their actions. They have to get their drinking problem under control if they want their licence back.

Alcohol education and treatment programs, also referred to as remedial measures, are directed for individuals who:

Have been convicted of a driving and driving-related offence
Have received more than one roadside licence suspension for driving with a BAC from 0.05 to 0.08.

Information sent from the Ministry of Transportation will include the specific remedial measures requirements and how to complete them.

The remedial measures program in Ontario is Back on Track, delivered by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The three components of the remedial measures program are:

Education or Treatment Program, and
Follow-Up Interview.


Determines the extent of the drinking and driving problem and whether an education or treatment program is the most appropriate intervention.

Education or Treatment Program

The Education Program is eight hours in length and focuses on:

how alcohol and other drugs affect driving performance and safety
the legal and personal consequences of an impaired driving conviction
ways to avoid drinking and driving

The Treatment Program is 16 hours long and helps participants to:

learn about, and take responsibility for, their alcohol and drug use and its consequences
commit to ending the abuse of alcohol and drugs
plan to avoid relapses and make healthier choices
avoid drinking and driving

Follow-up Interview

Six months after the completion of the Education or Treatment Program, a follow-up interview takes place to assess success in meeting program goals and to reinforce strategies for avoiding drinking and driving developed during the program.

Now this is very serious stuff and does cause a major disruption to the life of any person who suffers this. And of course this is true of any and all measures which our present day system imposes where the consumption of alcohol is concerned. Just on a point of interest, it is notable that the rhetoric used by the Ministry would seem to be somewhat inflammatory if not excessive when they refer to a subsequent warning of just over .05 as a "drinking problem" i.e. ("They have to get their drinking problem under control"). With penalties this serious in nature it should be noted that the Ministry by rights owes it to the citizens of this province to demonstrate a complete and totally objective approach when dealing with these issues. And this is not the only instance where this kind of slanted approach may be found. One would hope that those we put our trust in to deal with us fairly would be above this sort of thing. If this is the hallmark of the MTO then perhaps it is time we looked beyond the rhetoric and the rationale of those responsible for this to ascertain the veracity of what is presented as fact.
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