Dashcam Footage, Who Is At Fault?

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Dashcam Footage, Who Is At Fault?

by: cobratom on

I had a fender bender today and here is my dash cam footage.

The Dodge Ram had a young driver driving at excessive rate of speed, and it looked to me that he was heading for the lights.

He had no turn signal (as seen in the photo), He cut the turn right infront of me, and I slowed down and was rolling at the time of the collision.

Let me know what you think guys. Damage is most likely under $2k, so the debate is whether we take this to the collision reporting centre.

Thank you in advance:


Edited with short version of video

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by: bend on

It's your responsibility to make sure you can complete the turn in safety while yielding to all incoming traffic. The other driver has the right of way. Whether there is a signal wouldn't supersede your obligation to turn in safety.

Your video isn't currently available so I've attached somewhat of a recreation for others to comment.

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