Checking The Ticket

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Checking The Ticket

by: L1V3N 1T on

had a question if on the ticket they right down the wrong licence plate number but every thing else is correct. can i get away with not paying and if so what do i do???

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by: tdrive2 on

Good question. This is not my expertise though but i know things such as wrong fine amount, incorrect data can be considered as Fatal Errors?

There was another guy who got a ticket for 142 on the 401 he posted earlier in the week.

He had the wrong fine amount and others suggested this would count as a Fatal Error.

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by: Radar Identified on

Wrong licence plate is not a fatal error on the ticket. Either the fine amount has to be incorrect or there must be something missing, such as the date or your name, or you are charged with an "offence not known to law," such as "Speeding 50 km/h in an 86 km/h zone." There are other ways to beat the ticket or get it reduced, though.

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by: FiReSTaRT on

Of course, unless your job depends on having 0 demerits, you already have 7 on your record or you're facing a major conviction (careless, stunting etc), having a ticket reduced will do absolutely nothing for your insurance record.

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