Can permit be transferred from mini van to car? HELP!

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Can permit be transferred from mini van to car? HELP!

by: travelspice on
Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:10 pm

Hi. I am from BC, was staying in Toronto, bought an old mini van to drive west with, got temporary insurance from ICBC, and a 10 day permit from Ontario.
Was driving to Moncton first to pick up a friend before heading west. And on the drive east my mini van died in a small town in quebec! so i junked it and bought another small car from a local in the small quebec town. My insurance was able to transfer to the new car no problem but what about the permit?
Can I just put that permit onto the new car? Or do I need to get a new permit? Anyone know how this works?
No places open today and am already into New Brunswick now and leaving tomorrow to head west, should I stop in Quebec for new permit? Ontario? NB? Clueless...hope someone can help.
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