Can officer bring video to court?

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Can officer bring video to court?

by: gino30 on
Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:51 pm

I received a "Disobey Sign" 182 (2) ticket this week in the City of Toronto. I made a left when only right turns are permitted. The officer was the second car behind me and as soon as I made the turn he turned on his lights to pull me over. The first thing he told me was what I did wrong and that he captured everything on his dash cam. Writes me the ticket and says "I noticed you have another similar (Disobey sign) in March, if you keep doing this its going to affect your record" Then he says "see I checked off this box which said "code" meaning I have your offence on video." I plan on filing for a court date is the video admissible in court? I feel like it was scare tactic on his part. Does anyone know? I can ask for the video when I file for disclosure?

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