Can I Get My Fines Reduced Even If Has Been Set Already?

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Can I Get My Fines Reduced Even If Has Been Set Already?

by: Ricafort on

I recently had my driver's licence suspended due to unpaid fines that dated back to 2004 that just recently popped up on MTO's system. They never had any outstanding fines showing up when I renewed my licence this May 2018 as well as back in 2013 and 2008.

My question is can I get the interest on the initial amount waived? If so, what procedure do I need to make?

And can I get the reinstatement fee also waived since I had no knowledge of any outstanding fines against me which I could have paid off and avoided the extra $198. on top.

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by: DynamicVapor on

Call the MTO, find out which offence is suspending your license and which court house issued it. Go to that court house and file an extension to pay fine. You'll need to list reasons why you need more time, also make reasons why you haven't paid yet. It will be good to make a payment towards the fine at the time you file the extension (typically 10% is good). You can ask for up to one year to pay the fine. The amount won't change during this period to where it is now and it will remove that offence from the MTO database which is causing your suspension.

For the reinstatement fee, there is nothing you can do as it is an admin charge by the MTO, the court has no power of it.

It typically takes up to three business days for the JP to review the file and either approve or disprove your extension. After that it takes about 5 days for the MTO to receive the updated file and remove the offence.

If you have multiple fines, you'll need to file separate extensions per file.

You can call the court house every day after you file the extension to see if it was approved or not.

You can call the MTO every day after the approval to see if it was removed. The day it comes off is the day you can be reinstated.

Finally, DO NOT DRIVE A MOTOR VEHICLE, while your license is suspended. You'll get another ticket, this one being more serious and the penalties are higher including a mandatory license suspension for a period of at least 6 months, and a $1000 fine upon conviction.

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